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Honestly, I'm still looking for a concrete answer. But first of all, it makes me happy and I am very passionate when I create all these things. My thing is creativity. Everything that gets in touch with my hands is being transformed in an art piece. This is what I do and I do believe this is the thing I'm good at. And why do I do all these disciplines (singing, dancing, acting, playing the piano, photographing and graphic designing) ? Because it frees my mind and I can share with you the purity we humans have. 

Angie Bronner Photoshoot
Angie Bronner headshots

What do I want to achieve through my art ?

The first and most important aim is to touch people. It doesn't matter how, but if it reminds them of something in their heart, then most of my work is done. I love to "make a way" through their coats and remind them what they feel and how they really feel. I believe that art is one of the ways to reconnect people, to each other and to themselves. And I also believe, that art is the most efficient way if the artist is authentic to herself. How could I make you connect to yourself if I'm untrue to myself ?​

What else do you need to know about me ?

I can speak five languages. English, French, German, Spanish and Serbian. 

I'm based in Switzerland, but I love to be a nomad sometimes. 

I'm open for new projects.

I am very social and I love to meet new people. I do my work very efficiently and properly. It's important for me to take the time to do the work correctly.

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